Sunday, February 24, 2008

Academy Awards, Afterwards

Security! The girl on the right might just
pull a kni
fe or paternity test out of that purse!

Once, and the super-charming duo of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, took the prize for Best Song and Robert Elswit won for Best Cinematography. Some nice surprises indeed.

My other heart-swells came from the brief appearance of Nicole Kidman (oh how I wish we could've seen Margot at the Ceremony) and the rare red carpet shot of Jason Bateman, because I'm easy like that.

Where was the score montage (and Alexandre Desplat and Howard Shore in the nominations for that matter)? And how did Enchanted possibly manage that many nominated songs? One or two maybe... but four? Corruption in the voting population, or do all Oscar voters let their daughters fill out the ballot?

for the masochists that watch the E! Live Red Carpet.... Now that the Oscar pools are closed, place your bets. Did Ryan Seacrest make it home after another run in with Gary Busey?

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