Monday, November 10, 2008

Gloating is Free and Easy

In a post-election, post-birthday haze I return to this blog with my head held high. Sarah Palin and John McCain can take their Circle Talk Express expressly back to where they came from.

And no fear if Palin tries to stumble out of the woods again in 2012, we'll just nominate her more eloquent sister Nell instead. She's far more evolved on women's rights and has run on a strong platform of chicka, chicka, chickabee.

It's been a great birthday gift seeing an African American and progressive, literate, emotionally mature man become president. So at the same time I've become a second class citizen of sorts, but just that sweet notion of change breeds a little hope. I can't get married in California, but if I were a chicken I could now potentially take a shit a further three centimeters to my left. Sounds like some good old fashioned American values to me.

Here's to Barack Obama's glorious victory, and here's to change. Real change. Now let's let every man, woman, chicken and child be equal.

"Te in da win," I say. Te in da win, everyone.

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