Sunday, May 17, 2009

Club Silencio Causes Cancer

After all this time I should apologize for all that secondhand smoke from my site banner:

It's toxic, and thus an appropriate lead in to my writing. Alas, to any longtime reader(s) I'll provide an apology in the form of some cinematic "No Smoking" scenes. Surprisingly they don't portray smoking as sexy, or sensual yet rugged, like we're used to in most cinema (and which I obviously prefer). Just because I can't smoke for my health, doesn't mean I don't expect actors to do so and die brilliantly for their art. Smoking isn't always pretty, but is oftentimes cool and downright hilarious.

from Heathers: The filthy side of fitting in...

from Beetlejuice: Trying to cut way back...

After all, smoking may seem all fun and cool, but anything that makes Nicolas Cage marginally attractive is not to be trusted. Not after Wicker Man and evidence of his hair in Bangkok Dangerous.

from Wild at Heart:

"I guess I started smokin' when I was about... four. My mom was already dead then from lung cancer."

At least smoker/director David Lynch still has a sense of humor about it.

from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me:

"If I had a nickel for every cigarette your mom smoked, I'd be dead."

Here's to all the edgy cinematic smokers, and we who gladly inhale their cinematic smoke secondhand. And to those of you who still read Club Silencio... Don't quit now! Just because it's bad for pregnant women and lungs doesn't mean you don't need it. It's cool, right?


No Tobacco said...

We are born in a smoke free world and it is just right that we strive to offer our children the same kind of environment. Be involved and help empower everyone by taking part in the yearly WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY which will be on May 31st!

Adam said...

I had no intention of this post being legitimate. Just today I said the phrase "smoke 'em if you got 'em." So please don't take my poor comic timing as something issue-related.

Pax Romano said...

OK, I got a carton of Camel unfiltered, got a light, sailor?