Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Signature Distraction

Anyone still reading Club Silencio knows that I (in)frequently contribute to Film Experience a series called "Signatures:" my most beloved actresses momentarily captured in awkward still photos and overindulgent praise. If I were to write a "Signatures" on myself, it would be that I laugh in the face of being prolific, and that my readers are lovely, patient and/or bored.

Here's my latest output/distraction, and look forward to more Defensive Cinema and Cult Oddities in the coming week!

  • Patricia Clarkson is one of the finest supporting actresses alive, so why is she never supportive?
  • Uma Thurman is out for blood in the most charming way imaginable.

  • (Literally) brace yourselves for the bitter comedy stylings of Lisa Kudrow!
  • Laura Dern is our guiding light through the darkness of monogamy, prostitution and Nicolas Cage.


Luigi De Angelis S. said...



I read your posts about Gena Rowlands, Laura Dern and Uma Thurman in TFE and I simply fell in love with the concept of your “signatures”.

Few minutes ago I read the Lisa Kudrow, Catherine Keener and Patricia Clarkson signatures. Terrific job!

I feel that/like you read my mind… you write exactly about actresses that I adore, actresses who I consider special, interesting and genuinely outstanding… I can’t believe it, I mean… I completely adore Gena, Laura, Uma, Lisa, Catherine and Patricia.

Not much people watched HBO TV series “The Comeback”… I watched every episode twice (some of them more than twice, like the last episode of its one and only season… the one in which Valerie went to Jay Leno’s show). In my opinion Lisa Kudrow’s performance in “The Comeback” is completely anthological, hard, funny, bitter, and poignant, it is a work of comedic genius … She looks like a real person and at the same time she sells a flawless comedic portrayal of a D-list “celebrity”.

Congratulations, really… your signatures are fascinating and I love all the actresses you write about.

I hope you don’t mind if I give you some names… but I really would like to read signatures about Anjelica Huston, Holly Hunter, Shelley Duvall (Altman’s “3 Women” gives you lot of material to write about), Carol Kane, Stockard Chaning, Dianne Wiest, Frances McDormand, Melissa Leo, Annette Bening, Joan Cusack, Joan Allen, Miranda Richardson, Angela Bassett and maybe something about Carrie-Anne Moss, Leslie Mann and Amy Poehler (I am not that into these three actresses but my interest for them is enough to at least care about them and their recent work).

Luigi :)

Adam said...

So kind, Luigi! I'm glad anyone reads them, but they're made specifically for obsessive actressexuals so I'm glad there are readers like you.

As for your suggestions, I may get to some of those. Shelley Duvall is definitely on the horizon largely because of my love for "3 Women," and I love some of the others you mention like Dianne Wiest, Holly Hunter, Joan Allen, etc...

Thanks for the interest and hopefully I get to some more of your favorites!