Monday, November 23, 2009

I Thought Nought: Te Adoro Pedro

The decade's almost over. Me talking about it? That's only just begun!

Moments and Thoughts on the Best of the Noughts...

Bad Education (2004)
Directed by: Pedro Almodóvar

"Forgive me Father for you have sinned,
and I've sold it as a screenplay."

Dark material such as child sexual abuse, murder, drug addiction, suicide, the rape of the unconscious... it's all somehow loftier and luxurious in the hands of Pedro Almodóvar. He deepens his characters and situations to the point of moral suspect but finds in each a poignancy and fresh, provocative angle. His themes are often circular, his fascinations a constant, and somehow his work still evolves effortlessly and unexpectedly. Sexy, soulful, eye-searing cinema with a hefty dose of Spanish seasoning.

Three of the decade's finest films from one of our finest auteurs. With Talk to Her (2002) Almodóvar breathed life and cinematic language into the story of two comatose women and the men who cling to them. With Bad Education he found all the buried guilt and bubbling homoeroticism in both the cinema and the Catholic church. In Volver (2006) he unraveled the ties that bind women as they seek to reconnect even after death, and clear out their deep freeze to make room for the corpses of dastardly men. Each of these show new levels of maturity and technical marvel, remarkable nuance and filmmaking at its most passionate. For vivid emotions and visual splendor, Viva Pedro!

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