Monday, December 28, 2009

Profiles in Greatness: Jessie Todd

Characters and quotes to live by.

Jessie Todd
Paul Morrissey's HEAT (1972)

At her sun-baked Los Angeles dive motel, Jessica Todd (Andrea Feldman), daughter to esteemed game show regular and one-time film star, Sally Todd (Sylvia Miles), finds herself back in the sanitarium of sorts. The dregs of Hollywood society (recovering addicts, performance artists and child stars) flock to the seedy motel to swap sexual favors, sunbathe, and mooch off those who still somehow bask in industry success. Jessie's addition to Heat is that of an entitled and deranged celebrity daughter, who's a self-pronounced lesbian (self-pronounced as "lez-bin"), unfit mother and health food advocate.

Defining characteristic: Emotional problems

  • Money
  • Sunbathing
  • Inappropriate sexual advances

Oh, Joey, I feel so sexy now! Just to have this big boot between my legs!

  • Lesbianism for childcare
  • Health foods (favorites include: sunflower seeds, nuts, artichokes, avocados)

I'm very healthy. There's a health food store right around the corner here. I go down there every night to get some nuts. D'you ever try nuts? I'm into ecology -- health foods and all that great stuff. Avocados, artichokes... You should see the way I make artichokes. Olive oil, salt, peppa... Fabulous. They come out delicious. Wish you could come over one night for some artichokes and avocados. I'll cook on my hot plate. I like all the health foods. You name it, I eat it.

  • Chlorine in her cigarette burns
  • Lesbianism without childcare
  • Her baby Mark when he's off his sedatives

Jessie: Joey, would you take this for me?

Joey: What're you carrying your baby in a bag for? Didn't your mother tell you to cut it out?

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