Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who Killed Retro Posters?

Who Killed Mary what's 'er name?

Mary what's 'er name:
a woman as oft-forgotten as her murder investigation.

Who Killed Baby Azaria?

"Who is the murderer? A wild dog or the baby's mother?"

Or TV's own Hank Azaria?

The Lift

"Take the stairs, take the stairs,
for god's sake, take the stairs!!"

An elevator so evil it forces you to be physically active.

Teen Lust

The woman with the triple-X ray eyes!

Sex Through a Window

Where restraints get as kinky as restraining orders.

Last Embrace

...But their first time embracing
on the edge of a hundred foot drop.


Friends don't let friends drink their promotional artwork.


"They're men turned inside out!
And worse... they're still alive!"

Worse yet... they still feel the societal pressure
to wear pants.


Glenn said...

"Sex Through a Window"! That would hurt.

Liz said...

I love the societal pressure to wear pants bit. Haha.