Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Town That Dreaded Retro Posters!

(Road Games)

"Animal... Vegetable... Or MURDER?"

Oh, it's just Jamie Lee Curtis fashionably impeding traffic.

(The Alternative)

"As sensitive as it is provocative..."

Let's hope there's an alternative for
these porcelain doll fetishists and
the world's last remaining collectible figurine.


"Killing is his passion,
Money is his motive."

Exposing himself to sunsets is just his hobby.

(The Ladies Club)

"The rapists who attack these women are
about to have their lives permanently altered."

Official Ladies Club Meeting:
When: After midnight (vengeance permitting)
Where: A dark alley
BYO: Side dish and castration device (to share)

(The Jesus Trip)

"Waco's bunch rode hard and fast to meet their fate...
and Sister Anna rode with them!"

There's nothing easy about this easy rider!
She's headed for heaven like hell on wheels!

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