Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Profiles in Greatness: Male Hustlers

Midnight Cowboy (1969) & Flesh (1968)

Times are hard on the boulevard, and if anyone knows that it's street hustlers. Man's gotta eat. Despite the constant echoes of his girlfriend Crazy Annie, "You're the only one Joe! The only one," Joe Buck is not the only one. Not exactly street wise, but also no stranger to them, Joe Buck and Little Joe were both on 42nd Street back in the day. Those nostalgic days when it was cool to walk the streets in a cowboy hat and bandana looking to get paid for sex. Even in a bad economy, flesh is still a valuable commodity. First things first, get the money up front! Secondly, who foresees the extra monthly expense of paying for your wife's girlfriend's abortion, like poor Little Joe, or having to pay your own clients out of sheer pity, like proud Texan Joe Buck.

Who doesn't want to supplement their income? These boys knew how to hustle their way into infamy and an extra twenty in their pocket. Lest we forget: it's all about the MONY.

That's just exactly how you spell it
up there on that big buildin' up there."

Tip 1:
Walk the Walk

Joe Buck:

Accessories from your own hitchin' post
Distracting pants

Little Joe:

Red bandana
Clean underwear if possible

Tip 2:
Talk the Talk

The Joe Buck Approach:
Look like cowboy tourist + Stalk rich women

The Little Joe Approach:
Look like Joe Dallesandro

Tip 3:
Find Your Fanbase

Joe Buck
1) Rich Old Ladies
2) Drug and Scrabble Enthusiasts
3) Bob Balaban

Little Joe
1) Rich Old Men
2) Art Critics
3) Burn Victims

Tip 4:

Joe Buck

Little Joe

Tip 5:
Make Sylvia Miles Cry

Joe Buck

Little Joe

(Hustling his way through Hollywood in Heat (1972)).

NOTE: Club Silencio does not endorse self-prostitution as a means of income, unless you or a loved one is circa-1970's Joe Dallesandro.

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