Monday, March 7, 2011

"This House is Clean..."

...So clean in fact you wouldn't know that it was once the site of a grisly horror classic! In case you don't watch TV, or threw yours out after your daughter was abducted by it, this is the famed Freeling family abode as it stands in Simi Valley today. The setting for Tobe Hooper's infamous haunted house spectacle, and center for countless pissed off spirits who didn't care to relocate from the beautiful Cuesta Verde suburbs. The Freelings cancelled their cable and a new family moved in, but the Poltergeist home remains hauntingly the same. Indeed home is where the heart is, and take it from everyone's favorite pint-sized psychic, "This house has many hearts."

The iconic house still stands amongst countless others of the same dated detail, nearby those vast and tangled trees of menace featured so prominently in the movie. You can almost picture it all crumpling into a giant electrical ball of nostalgia.

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