Monday, April 28, 2008

Picture montages are fun!

(And an excuse to remain uninspired and pillage other people's work!)

These captures are from the opening to Dario Argento's whacked-out fantasy-horror classic Phenomena, also known as Creepers.

I love this opening, one of the best in Argento's career, and one of the best locales he's had to work with. And I love this film.

It stars lil' Jennifer Connelly, pre-Labyrinth, before her dedication to playing characters on the verge of killing themselves. She plays Jennifer Corvino, an insect-schmoozing school girl who just happens to be sent to the school girl murder capital of Switzerland --the Swiss Transylvania! Donald 'Dr. Loomis' Pleasance is her older (but not in a weird way) entomologist friend who helps her get in touch with her own telekinetic bug powers so she can overcome bouts of sleepwalking, do battle with a mutant child dwarf, and befriend a chimpanzee!

It can be as moody as it is incoherent. Bat-shit crazy nonsense with awesome atmosphere, so goes my love for Argento.

Did I mention that I love this film?

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