Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lars and the Real Plea

I have a sincere request.

After powering through the entire series of Riget (The Kingdom) in two very late nights -- the brilliant, genre-bending and perversely consuming miniseries from mastermind Lars von Trier -- I'm now having a Twin Peaks experience. Just like that stunning series, The Kingdom ends with countless cliffhangers, lives hanging in the balance, and a burgeoning evil set to shatter the lives of the Kingdom Hospital staff and my fragile (prone to addiction) mind. In countless interviews it's been made clear that Lars von Trier did intend to make Series Three but was forced to halt production when at least five of the regular cast members had since died! That includes the irreplaceable spiritualist Mrs. Drusse (Kirsten Rolffes), manipulative Swedish neurosurgeon Dr. Helmer (Ernst-Hugo Jaregard), and even one of the dishwashing Greek Chorus members (Morten Rotne Leffers). My heart was just about to crumble with this news, but then I had to accept I'd come to the series all but a decade too late.

My query is this: where can I find the script for this third and final part, and who do I have to kill? Has anyone been as tempted to badger Lars von Trier at his personal home and violently pester his staff? I know Part Three has been written, I know secrets will be revealed, and I know I need closure that I'm probably never going to get. Any willing Danish fans that also own torches and pitchforks?

Alas my solace will have to come in what is now my favorite Udo Kier performance ever: Little Brother. I now have an urge to show that infamous birthing scene to every expectant mother I know.

Additionally, in my exhaustive (five minute) search I came across an article of interest to fans of Lars von Trier which discusses his films and their "pornographic" elements. Of most note is this deleted image from his sublime masterpiece Breaking the Waves...

What exactly was Jan up to before he met Bess? We certainly never saw this scene in the final cut, or apparently the many other vicious sexual encounters Bess was set to have in the film's original script. Curious stuff... and this explicit, violent sex will have to fill my Kingdom void for the moment.

--Check that article out (from Bright Lights Film Journal) here.

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