Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pretty... Pretty... Pretty Good

Some pairings were just meant to be...

If my salivation for Woody Allen's latest venture Vicky Cristina Barcelona wasn't enough, news has already arrived detailing his next project AND it's already in production. Woody's apparently shifting the tone and will be teaming with none other than Larry David! (Mind you that's not exactly news as the film is already in production.) The film is tentatively titled Whatever Works and is, as Woody describes it, a "blackish comedy."

I think that's brilliant "news," what with the next season of Curb Your Enthusiasm so up in the air. This offers up so many neuroses they'll have to get psychoanalysts to rip the ticket stubs! I can't wait. Additionally, current muse Scarlett Johansson is temporarily dropped for Evan Rachel Wood -- the younger model.

...And some pairings were not. Is this Mighty Aphrodite 2?

A few more details on the film here. And more Woody Allen anticipation to come!

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