Monday, December 1, 2008

Storytelling with Ronee Blakely

"Y'know, I wanna tell you all a little secret which you might not know, and that is that last night I thanked my lucky stars that I could be here at all today to sing for you. And I heard on the radio the cutest little boy, he was nine years old -- and y'know how sometimes the DJ will play a tune and ask everybody to phone in and say how they like it, y'know... And, uh, I was listening to it, and they asked for callers to call in -- and this little nine-year-old boy called in -- and the song had voices in the background, like the way they use these backup voices these days sometimes, y'know, soundin' like little munchkins. He called up and the DJ said, "And how old are you son?" And the little boy said, "I'm nine and I think it's gonna be a hit." And the DJ said, "Why?" And he says, "Oh because it had those little Chipmunks in it." And I thought that was so cute because, well, I can sing like a munchkin myself, I don't know about you. And I'm real fond of
The Wizard of Oz. And plus I live out, y'know, just a ways out here off of Highway Interstate 24 on the road to Chattanooga, so you can see why I kinda related to that... I don't know... I think me and the boys are gonna strike up another tune for you, um... Let's go boys!"

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