Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Politically Incorrect Family Picnic with Kerri Kenney

"This here actually is my plot. Obviously there's nobody in it yet, but God willing there will be. Hi Mom.

My mom started collecting Beanie Babies about four years after she died.

I used to leave 'em out here. In fact I had a whole collection for her... She had a great Princess Diana bear. Those are a fortune. I had a hard time gettin' her that one. She was really excited when I did get it... And I left 'em out here, you know, thinking this is a sacred place, and uh... Some nigger kid took 'em I think.

I have real dark skin. My mom was real light-skinned. She was an Irish... girl. I have real dark skin because I was -- apparently, so they say, I was raped -- My mother was raped -- by an American Indian. She had gone on -- it was some sort of... souvenir hunt in, uh, Minnesota. Wandered onto a reservation and BOOM they raped her.

They're talkin' about letting more, uh... Asian people in here, and uh, I put up a fliar -- of course without my name on it or any information -- saying, you know, "Let's try and keep--" In so many words, "Let's try and keep the Asians out." And I haven't heard anything back, but then again I didn't put my name or any phone number on it so... I don't know how I would hear back."

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