Friday, October 7, 2011

Obscure Beauty: Paris, Texas (1984)

"Then he ran. He never looked back at the fire. He just ran. He ran until the sun came up and he couldn't run any further. And when the sun went down, he ran again. For five days he ran like this until every sign of man had disappeared."

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Don't Be Afraid of the Retro Posters!

The Curse of the Living Corpse

"From out of the grave stalks
the creature that UNDRAPES
the passions of the living!"

I didn't lose my passion, it was simply undraped.

The Lure of the Triangle

"Loose lips sink ships...!"

Ahoy! We've spotted a landing strip!

The Legacy

"It's a birthright of living death..."

...The birthright of becoming
a crawling cat hand with emphysema.

I Like Bats

"Look into my eyes...
They're up here."

New Entries into the

Sex Wish

"Awaken your wildest fantasies-
All it takes is a cain, a briefacse and a..."

...Stranger who decides not to report you.

The Trouble with Young Stuff

"Tennessee Williams gone hard-core!"

Alternate Title: "The Ass Menagerie."

Who Did Cock Robin?

"Dripping with Freudian Reality"

Experience a Freudian slip...
And another. And another.

Funny Car Summer

From the makers of "Sad RV Winter."

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Obscure Beauty: Betty Blue (1986)

"She was a flower with psychic antennae and a tinsel heart."