Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Paul Rudd of My Very Own

Paul Rudd creates the most adorably charming faux-assholes in the world. (As an actor, not a hobby.) He's been the smarmy goofball sidekick in countless films, and it seems like he might really be that awesome in person. You know you want to hang with him, laugh with him, and if you're anything like me, have your way with him in every imaginable dirty scenario. That includes cleaning up after him of course...

The real news? You can now get your very own, very personal, Paul Rudd screensaver! I wish I had something relevant to say, but all that comes out is drool.

(Additionally, this video posts to my blog in the most ugly, obtrusive, over-sized manner, but I'm allowing it for Paul... Beautiful, beautiful Paul...)

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