Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You Burn When You Dance!

5 Reasons
is... More Evolved T
han Me...

(Apologies. The beauty of Elizabeth Berkley's performance is not able to be captured in still form. Her highly trained spastic intensity just will not translate.)

1) Nomi can take care of herself, and for that she carries a blade. She also knows when to hold strong, such as when faced with listening to Garth Brooks on a road trip.

Nomi doesn't worry, she knows how to vent her anger. Why let things bother you? Things like traffic. She expels her frustration by using that open hatred of cars.

Nomi can eat a whole bag of potato chips in one sitting, easy. To this girl, a meal's a meal. She's no snob, she's done doggie chow in a slump. (Even in her artful "self-moment" montage she's gorging!)

4) Nomi treats everything in life like a dance. Even littering.

Nomi's knows when an apology is due, like when you set up your only friend with a rapist.

And other life lessons...

Even the rich and handsome are awkward when it comes to foreplay.

A winning attitude pays off.

Dancing IS fucking.

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