Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DON'T Browse Retro Posters!

Who knew artwork could be this controlling?

"Pass the warning."

DON'T Look Now

DON'T Look in the Basement

DON'T Open the Door

DON'T Open Till Christmas

DON'T Go In the House

DON'T Go In the Woods

Certainly DON'T Go In the Woods... Alone!

DON'T Go Near the Park

DON'T Be Afraid of the Dark

DON'T Ride on Late Night Trains

DON'T Mess with My Sister

DO call social services. If these movies were a relationship, we'd be telling people we accidentally fell down the stairs or ran into a doorknob. DON'T let artwork push you around!


James Gracey said...

Ha! Great stuff. Never seen that Don't Look Now poster before. Thanks for posting. ;o)

Rebecca said...

I feel obligated to watch Don't Open Till Christmas to hate myself afterwards then wait for further instructions.