Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where Do You Think You're Going?

Club Silencio
will never become one of those blogs that is always apologizing for its lengthy absence of posts. At least not directly.

...See what I just did there?

Well, while outside film writing occupies my time, I divert your attention to posts I'd neglected to distract you with earlier. Over at Film Experience continues my "Signatures" series. I say that as if it's like a new line of luxury cars, when really it's a poor excuse to fawn over actresses and post awkward still photos.

SEE Gena Rowlands on the Sauce!

SEE 2008 Best Actress Nominees Claw to the Death!

SEE Ellen Burstyn on Speed!

SEE Edith Massey in Bra and Crib!


Pax Romano said...

Edith Massey was the greatest actress of all time! ALL TIME, I SAY!

She never got the respect or accolades she deserved, "It's just this common Hollywood mentality, gosh I wish I lived in Cannes!"

Adam said...

Few people, if any, have made me laugh more than Edith Massey. I imagine she's in some wonderful place being hauled around like a queen by her leatherboys or tended to by her man-servant Heintz.