Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bitten by a Mouse

Among the million things I love about Rosemary's Baby, the mesmerizing and eerie dream sequences are near the top. They flow seamlessly yet erratically, and they make little immediate sense while still being prophetic. The central dream in the film is the fusion of Rosemary's drug-fueled (or chocolate mouse-fueled) nightmare with her less-than-immaculate conception. The scene streams like consciousness and has become one of those unforgettable moments in cinema, not simply for its pivotal piece in the story.

For your demonic pleasure, here's a comparison between that classic scene and the loving homage from Michele's Soavi's The Church (La Chiesa)...

The sequence in Rosemary's Baby includes infinitely more detail and atmospheric imagery than is shown here; such as Rosemary's arrival at this dark lair below the deck of a ship and a visit by the Pope himself. It's splendid work by Roman Polanski and one of the greatest representations of dreaming ever captured on film. The Church hardly stacks up to that claim, but it makes up for this absence in its own way -- by pushing the taste barrier just a bit too far, even by demon rape standards.

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