Saturday, August 23, 2008

Don't Bogart That Can... Man

No, I'm not retarded. I'm rhyming. It's not easy.

These are my half-baked thoughts after seeing Pineapple Express:

(I) I started to realize how much material is really out there basically saying 'Legalize It!' All the same, much of that is portraying the people within as perhaps lovable - but nevertheless braindead slackers. Is that really helping their cause? Perhaps it's not as interesting to see someone get high and write sonnets or build a house, but I'm sure it has happened. It's as likely as hitting a girl on her bicycle on your way out of the drive-thru... Either way, films like Super High Me, Smiley Face, and the small screen pleasures of Trailer Park Boys and Weeds, all celebrate marijuana while satirizing it as something done by entertaining stupid people. Then again, there's no one to offend when potheads can find humor in anything. Articulate, cerebral stoner movies are the way of the future! If anyone's not too stoned to write them...

(II) James Franco is the best. Hug your dealer today!

(III) Most stoner films stick to the old adage of giving the pothead their moment of realization that this very vice is what led to their problems in the first place. They're basically lecturing the very audience for which it was intended. Why condone and then condemn? Pineapple Express leans into this yet thankfully pulls back for that one last celebratory toke. It's admirable and this way you leave the audience on a high. (Also, punning should only be excusable while high).

(IV) My favorite stoner show isn't in theatres or on television, but it should be. Tracie and Rich have long been doling out their high advice on Pot Psychology and I think they finally deserve a place alongside Judge Judy.

(V) After that you'll definitely have the munchies. Problem solved! Remember to look both ways when pulling out of a drive-thru...

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