Friday, August 15, 2008

Looking for Mr. Goodbar in Twin Peaks

Things have been getting too light around here, so let's talk about child abuse, shall we? In all dead seriousness I'd never seen Diane Keaton's slow descent into drugs and debauchery before this week. By Looking for Mr. Goodbar's expected yet bone-chilling end, I couldn't help but reminisce about the film's many mixed messages, how downright awesome Diane Keaton can be, how Richard Gere was fated to wear a jockstrap, and how David Lynch must have thought this story would be great for television.

Laura Palmer, meet Theresa Dunn. You two should talk.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me meets Looking For Mr. Goodbar

Warning: It gets dark, disturbing, and there will be SPOILERS!!

Laura helps others. She teaches Josie Packard in English, aids the handicapped son of Benjamin Horne, and she helps deliver for Meals on Wheels.

Theresa helps others. She teaches deaf children to speak and takes a special interest in a welfare student.

Laura's psychological issues stem from sexual abuse by her father.

Theresa's psychological issues stem from emotional and verbal abuse by her father and (as odd as it sounds and is in the film) the scoliosis he passed onto her.

Laura's father lectures her lifestyle by saying that she's dirty ("Did you get this from your lover? Did Bobby give you this or is there someone new?... Wash your hands!"). Her mom stands idly by and lights up another smoke.

Theresa's father lectures her lifestyle by saying that she's dirty ("You're too damn busy whoring around!"). Her mom stands idly by and slips a bible into her purse.

Laura acts out by seeking dangerous drug and sex-fueled encounters with strange men.

Theresa acts out by seeking dangerous drug and sex-fueled encounters with strange men.

Laura is murdered on a night of business with some of her nastiest clientele. She is stabbed to death by her father under a strobing white light.

Theresa is murdered the night of New Year's during a hookup with a self-loathing gay man, whom she takes home in avoidance of a man with connections to her father. She is stabbed to death under a strobing white light.

Finally, Laura and Theresa also parallel when both girls have mirrors placed in front them, each at very pivotal, perilous moments.

Now, if only to lighten the dismal mood, here's coked out Richard Gere doing push-ups in a jockstrap.


Pax Romano said...

Where did you find a copy of Goodbar?

I saw this movie back in the day (which should give you an idea of how old I am), and still think it is probably Keaton's finest work.

Oh and that soundtrack. I actually owned a copy of it with all of those great disco tunes.

I was so confounded by the film with it's portrayal of a killer gay man (played by the luscious Tom Berenger), a suffocating Catholic family (of which I am a product of) and the fact that the heroine meets such a tragic ending.

Now you go and compare it to FWWM and my mind is totally blown, I need to go splash some water on my face.


Adam said...

I was worried no one would have seen it since it's unavailable on DVD, which is a real crime. I caught it on a terrible VHS-rip (as evidenced by those hideous blown out screencaps) which can be found online (wink, wink). Diane Keaton is truly amazing and I was almost startled to see her in something so viciously dark. I knew when she was given that strobe light it was all for sick artistic purposes! Hopefully others will seek it out and we'll get this on DVD soon. So sick and so fascinating!

JA said...

I've been dying for a DVD release for Goodbar for ages too. If only to get clear pictures of Richard Gere and Tom Berenger in it - so hot. But it is a fascinating film. I have it on video... but I don't even have a VCR anymore. :(

j. said...

you fucking nailed this.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant comparison! Well done, sir.

Adam said...

Thanks folks!