Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Ever Supportive Chus Lampreave

Chus Lampreave is one of those singular supporting actresses that always sells the joke and makes her bit part completely unforgettable. It's a magical gift and Pedro Almodóvar knows it, hence their longtime collaboration. Thankfully the pairing will continue with yet another small role in the upcoming Broken Embraces, and there's no doubt she'll be his perfect support system from the sidelines.

Almodóvar recently did a write up for his blog dedicated to "actresses as family," and not surprisingly Chus gets much of his devotion. He gives many heartfelt reasons for their creative bond and explains what makes Chus so special: "When I offered her the role of Mother Street Rat in Dark Habits, her only objection was that she thought it too long, too important, and she should only do little, unimportant roles. Exactly the opposite of what any actress would tell you. Chus belongs to an atypical, wonderful race of actors who gesticulate very little. Or who don’t gesticulate at all, but their faces only reflect truth."

But just as Chus always rewards Almodóvar with a wickedly funny performance, he also gives her some of his best lines. Take it, Chus!

Chus as the loving mother figure:

"Shut up, crabface!"

"Let me comb your hair. You look like a Caveman."

"You know who you remind me of? Of my sister Petra. You're the spitting image of her... may she rest in peace. Those same beautiful lunatic eyes."

"You expect me to pole-vault over you?"

Chus on health:

"If I don't use a glycerin suppository, I don't shit."

"Keep the bones and skin for my dessert."

Chus on going out in public:

"Why should I? To be killed by a skinhead or run over by a car? Those skinheads always stare at me, I don't know why."

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