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Something Rank (#3)

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A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

The shadows streak with the squeal of metal. A cloak of steam. The distant bleating from the lambs counted in slumber. Tearing into the light comes a claw clutched of razors, fashioned by skilled, burned hands. A brimmed hat hides a face glistening of wounds both fresh and ancient. In Dreams... he walks with you. In Dreams... he talks with you. In Dreams... you're His...

Freddy Kruger at his origin was a nightmare. Perhaps that's why he took so well to the surreal landscape of cinematic horror. Wes Craven's sleepless nights echo into the masses with A Nightmare on Elm Street and its dream demon conjured from the depths of hell and the high school boiler room. A story steeped in adolescent trauma passes it on to the public. A generational cycle of horror encompassed in its tale of a child murderer put to rest and the restless nights of soon-to-be-murdered children. A story of parents crimes revisited on their sleep-deprived children. A film about horrors of the playground via a horror film set in the playground of the mind... The mind of a child who's forced to be a parent through waking realities of divorce and alcoholism. A child with enough strength and smarts to wage war within her own subconscious.

And those special effects are nifty.

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The Face of Fear:

Killer Looks:

1) Sandman Freddy Krueger.
No rest for the wicked...

2) Red Rover, Red Rover,
Send Freddy Right Over

3) Bad Boy to Hall Monitor

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