Monday, October 20, 2008

The Politics of Horror

I don't usually like the thought of turning a blog about cinema into anything overtly political, but with Halloween and the election both so near, who can resist? Fair and balanced, that's me.

Masks of Barack Obama, John McCain and Sarah Palin are already this season's bestsellers, so why not take it one step further... maybe two. If you're anything like me you'll definitely want to line up a movie marathon for the holiday, and why not keep it topical? Of course for you "mavericks" out there you may want to watch Top Gun or, well, Maverick, then follow it up with some Fargo and Sling Blade, for the die-hard Palin fans. Nevertheless, I recommend you stick to the Halloween tradition of horror movies. They have a way of summing things up as nothing else could...

John McCain = Grandpa Sawyer
(The Texas Chain Saw

He's a rural believer and war vet who's all about family and "country first." Alas, his glory days are behind him, as are his best years. Unlike John, Grandpa Sawyer can't blink, but true to form he can still suck blood with the best of 'em. In fact he's positively giddy about it!

And look over there, it's Cindy McCain!

Sarah and Todd Palin = Mom and Dad
(The People Under the Stairs)

They keep their daughter prisoner, their private lives guarded and home loaded like an arsenal. They also joyously lie, especially about stealing from the poor. Considering the secrecy shrouding them, we shouldn't be surprised if they collect Democrats in their basement.

(And you don't get five kids without a little kink...)

Please vote on November 4th.

Let's leave the scares for Halloween.

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