Sunday, October 19, 2008

To Return

Nowadays I post more blogs explaining my absence from blogging than any blogs of substance. Substance is relative of course when I'm more or less finding ways to post photos of Paul Rudd's ass.

Substance enough, clearly. And yet I promise I'll be returning to my routine of cinematic obsession soon enough. I can't find time to write on my own blog, but I might as well guest blog this upcoming week at Film Experience. Check in there, or here. Wherever. See if I care.

And in honor of my half-assed return (or half-assed volver, if you will -- although I recommend you don't since I just used a verb improperly), I'm tossing the mic to Penélope Cruz. She can't stop singing about it! Although the way she's crying you'd think I came back from the dead or something...


larry said...

this is off topic,but i too, love jon hamm!!i will advertise to him anytime!

Adam said...

I'm mad for 'Mad Men' and Jon Hamm, and I'm hoping Don Draper stays in L.A., if only for the shirtless pool lounging. Delicious.